July 4, 2021

Security For IOT


Security For IOT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the technology landscape. Businesses worldwide are leveraging IoT for benefits such as seamless collaboration, access to comprehensive data and the ability to make stronger business decisions based on insights derived from substantial data. Experts estimate the total number of installed IoT-connected devices worldwide to amount to 30.9 billion units by 2025.

Due to the exponential growth of the number of IoT devices, the increasing amount of sensitive data these devices handle and their ability to function with minimal human intervention, the doors have been left wide open to high-level cybersecurity risks. Hackers could exploit the vulnerability of a single device in the ecosystem and potentially gain “backdoor” access to your business’ entire network and wreak havoc.

IoT-Related Risks to IT, Network and Data Security

Cybercriminals can target and use IoT devices to exploit vulnerabilities in your IT network as well as the four components of an IoT device—the hardware, connectivity, software and interface. Here’s a list of IoT-related security vulnerabilities that you must mitigate immediately:


* Lack of Proper Security Controls Within Most IoT Devices

* Threat to Protection of Sensitive Data

* Threat to Workplace Security

* Absence of Regulations or Standards for IoT

* Vulnerable Default Passwords

* Impossibility of Implementing a Single Security Policy

* Inability to Train Every User on IoT Security

* Life-Threatening Risks to Data Integrity

* Innate Vulnerability to Cyberattacks

Strategies and Best Practices for Mitigating IoT Risks

The above-mentioned risks shouldn’t completely discourage you from leveraging IoT technology in your business. You can reap the valuable benefits of this technology with proper information and implementation of security best practices and strategies, which will help you tackle and avoid IoT-based risks. You do not have to navigate this rocky road all by yourself. Let us help you build a resilient defense against IoT-related risks. Contact us today to learn more.