Advanced Persistent Threat Modeling


Advanced Persistent Threat Modeling is a deep and comprehensive cybersecurity service E- Panzer offers to all of its clients. This service targets high-security environments. With our modeling, companies will create as well as discover attack vectors, establish robust command and control, move unrecognized through a target enterprise, and exfiltrate data from organizations within the Internet and not.

A normal APT attack usually employs a myriad of attack techniques and tools that exploit known or zero-day vulnerabilities; from infected media, social engineering, and supply chain compromise. The goal of these attacks most often is to place custom malicious code on a company’s computers for specific tasks, as it remains undetected for as long as possible.



E-Panzer APT modeling service is goal-oriented and delivers robust penetration testing. Our testers will be looking for a client’s specific intellectual property. This service is generally a long-term engagement since we are prepared and determined to keep your proprietary information, safe and sound. With dangerous and costly cybersecurity attacks on the rise, our modeling service is an important solution for a company’s cybersecurity safety.