Network Design & Implementation


Every company needs effective network design implementation. This requires a deep understanding of the current state of suggested network models as well as their ability to scale as the network grows. E-Panzer has the experts to not only design your network, but also implement its execution complex network designs including software defined solutions.

Companies are increasingly relying on their network infrastructure to provide mission-critical services. Networks must be scalable as a business grows and evolves, as they hire more employees, open branch offices, and expand into global markets, or leverage clouds services. All of these changes will directly affect the needs and requirements of a network. At E- Panzer we are in tune with each of our client’s complex network needs and their vision for the future… as your network must work for your organization irrespective of the location of your workload, workforce and distributed workplace, as well as forecast organization’s future needs.



A successful network must support the exchange of various types of network traffic, from data files, to IP telephony, email, and video applications. All networks must

  • Provide centralized administrative control
  • Support diverse business needs
  • Support critical applications
  • Support converged network traffic
  • Support hybrid work model

At E- Panzer, our team of expert Information technology and project management staff have over one hundred and twenty years of experience combined. E-Panzer can help design, re-design and implement your network infrastructure needs be it voice, video, and data center structured cabling solutions. Allow E- Panzer to help you with your Network Design and Implementation.