Penetration Testing


A penetration test, (pen test) analyzes the security of a company’s IT infrastructure by securely attempting to exploit vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities can be in your operating system, application services and can show application flaws, risky end-user behavior, or improper configurations. An E-Panzer Pen test assesses the validity and efficacy of defensive mechanisms, as well as observes the end-user adherence to security policies.

It is useful to think of penetration testing as if you were trying to break into your own house to see if someone else could do it. At E-Panzer our Penetration testers, (ethical hackers), evaluate the security of a company’s IT infrastructure by utilizing a controlled environment to safely identify, attack, and exploit vulnerabilities. The major difference is our penetration tester will not be checking your locks and windows but instead be testing your servers, web applications, networks, mobile devices, and other potential entry points to find weaknesses.



E-Panzer APT modeling service is a goal-oriented penetration testing. With this service, our testers will be looking for a client’s specific intellectual property. This task is generally a long-term engagement since we are prepared and determined to keep your proprietary information, safe and sound. Allow E- Panzer to treat your IT infrastructure as your home… making certain it is protected against any type of cyberattack.