Threat Hunting As A Service


Threat hunting is exactly what it sounds like. At E-Panzer, we have the expertise and systems to proactively search for cyber threats that are lurking undetected in an Enterprise network. Cyber threat hunting is the highest form of a deep dive into your network so we can find malicious actors that have escaped your initial endpoint and other security defenses.

E-Panzer Cyber threat hunting service is a powerful security service that helps organizations proactively identify potential threats by observing adversary tactics and techniques. We utilize customized threat centric intrusion detection and analyzes technologies that are tailored to an organization’s specific threat attack surface.



Our Threat Hunting Service involves an E- Panzer veteran cybersecurity analyst utilizing manual or machine-based or manual techniques to identify security threats or incidents that might have invaded your current security defense. Contact our experts to learn more about our Threat Hunting as a Service. In today’s cybercriminal environment, Threat Hunting is an integral part of any businesses’ cybersecurity.